Internal Investigations | Forensic Accounting | Fraud Mitigation

The Hartman Firm, LLC is a law firm and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm in Atlanta, Georgia serving individuals, businesses, government entities, and outside counsels. The founder is a retired FBI Agent.

What We Offer

Internal Investigations

Provide trusted information to decisionmakers

Forensic Accounting

Quantifying facts for a legal resolution.

Fraud Mitgation Consulting

Prevention, detection, and remediation strategies.

Due Diligence

Ensuring integrity of counterparties.

Whistleblower Representation

No one will listen? Let the Firm assess compensation remedies.

Why Choose Us

Integrity - Credibility - Independence

These are the most important criteria for any firm doing forensic work.

Fraud Life Cycle Approach

Prevention, Detection, Investigation, Mitigation & Remediation


Typical clients are seeking an attorney, forensic CPA, or a fraud investigator knowledgeable about the legal, accounting, and investigative aspects of fraud or forensic engagements. The Firm can be retained by an individual, company, governmental organization or legal counsel.

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